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Finding the Joy: A mental health and writing Mini Series cohosted by Lyssa Mia Smith on Basic Pitches Podcast.

Listen to Lyssa and Anna Mercier delve into the ups and downs of a career in writing, exploring how to maintain the sheer joy of creative work in a competitive industry, with a ton of laughs and even a few tears along the way.


Publishing Persuasion podcast, episode 11: An interview with Pitch Wars mentor Lyssa Mia Smith 

Melanie and Angela chat with Lyssa about her writing journey and how she safeguards the joy of writing despite the many challenges in publishing.


Basic Pitches podcast, episode 19: A Pitch Wars Journey with Lyssa Mia Smith

Anna and Emily chat about Lyssa's journey as a returning Pitch Wars mentee. She shares advice about conscious practice with writing as well as getting the most out of the Pitch Wars experience.

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